“Hippocrates would be proud of you, even if he is dead!!"

“On a recent visit to Byron Bay, I was invited to sample all of these activated nut and seed varieties. The textures and tastes were surprisingly yummy and my body digested them all so easily and without after affects. I do not have a gall bladder and have been unable to eat nuts of any kind in the past because of digestion difficulties. Thanks and congratulations to Clive and his staff for the care taken in producing such a clean, healthy and deliciously nourishing product." - Yogina Low, Dawsville, WA

"I first had the opportunity to try 2die4's activated nuts some 9 months ago. Being a medical practitioner, I had a healthy dose of scepticism that activated nuts could be any different from ordinary, raw nuts. That scepticism evaporated with the very first bite.
The nuts were DELICIOUS! I had never tasted nuts like them. Also the texture was different. I had always associated some nuts with such a hardness that biting into them could break teeth, which in fact happened to me once. But these nuts were delightfully crunchy, with no hardness.
They were also far easier to digest than nuts I had eaten previously, when over-indulging left me bloated with indigestion for the next day or two. Not so with the activated nuts, no such problems at all. I am a convert. The taste sensation alone, besides the other benefits, is easily worth the price premium. I know now that the process of getting these nuts ready for marketing is quite lengthy and complex. I am told that the natural toxins found in nuts, something I was aware of, are also removed by the 2die4 process. Try them. You will not be disappointed."
- Dr. Claude H. Imhoff (MBBS), Byron Bay.

“I just wanted to let you know how great your nuts are! I was aware of the nutritional benefits of eating nuts but had found even the freshest raw nuts difficult to digest, they always felt heavy. I could not believe how amazing your activated nuts are. I have tried them all and they are completely delicious and feel so easy to digest. They are unlike anything I have tasted before, brilliant, thank you.”- Katy Myers, U.K.

“I just found your activated nuts in a health store in Brisbane and all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!! I've been having a lot of trouble organising myself to soak and dry my own nuts so it was a relief to finally find somebody that's already done the hard work for me. You've got a customer for life here!”- Frances Kerr, Brisbane.

“Your ‘activated nuts’ are better tasting than Chef's ‘chocolate salty balls’." - Ryan Hamilton, Byron Bay

"I have never been a huge fan of nuts. In fact, I couldn't stand walnuts until I tried 2die4. I put them in EVERYTHING. Salads, fruit and yoghurt, stir fries. They don't last long around here." - Erin Sullivan, Kiama, NSW

“2die4 nuts are wonnerful, deelishus and sooooo yummy, can't put down the bag before it's empty...don't get spots or a sore liver or indigestion, infact already  lookin' round for more...they're nothin' shorta REAL food!” - Nirda Jones, Quaama, NSW

“It was a real feast to unwrap the parcel! Thank you so much, we all loved the nuts and couldn't stop eating them. So we still haven't had our dinner (its 8pm). Congratulations also for the beautiful packaging. I am impressed!” - Dominique Leddy, Amsterdam

"Pre-digested, fermented, activated nuts don't just make sense, they taste fabulous. You can tell as soon as you put them in your mouth they're better for you. They are easy to digest and since they don't have phytates in them, and they're a great source of minerals, especially magnesium.
They're always the first to go on any antipasto platter, people seem to know intuitively, they're good for them. My whole family loves them.”

Joanne Hay, Myocum, NSW

"My clients love your walnuts. Seriously, they all say they have never tasted anything like them!! Now I just have to keep some for me. Ha ha.”
Teri Murfitt, Homeopath, Melbourne

“I took my packs of 2die4 nuts to London with me, and friends and family went nuts about them, especially the walnuts. Let me know prices and I'll dump money into you account." - Deborah Brill, Sydney

"Had to take the time to let you know how scrummy your walnuts are! Didn't know they could taste so good. Always thought walnuts were a bit bitter, but you have proven me wrong, I am happy to say. As a vego, I rely heavily on nuts as my protein and these will highlight any meal. Thank you for releasing such a wonderful product onto the market. Hippocrates would be proud of you, even if he is dead!!" - Lizette Morrison, Sunshine Coast

“You can truly go nuts about these wonderful nuts that Clive transforms. Everyone falls in love with them and it is great to know they are fermented and a live food. BE warned though - you can’t stop at one!” - Ilanit Tof, Melbourne

“I wasn’t really joking about ‘couldn’t stop eating the nuts’, and yes, you can feel they are a splendid food. My son was funny – age 7, munched his way through 75% of a 300grammer pecans and still ate a full dinner. I was so happy to see that happen. Formerly he did not go for pecans at all. We were so excited when they arrived, we cracked a red and enjoyed a few of everything.” - Ali Princic, Kembla Beach, NSW

“The activated nuts are so yummy, that my hubbie finds them in the male blind spot in the fridge…..that says it all, doesn’t it!!!!” - Birgit Venetz, Austria

“I congratulate you on your absolutely fantastic product. I tried the fermented walnuts for the first time 'ever' on Saturday and am addicted. I can’t get enough of them. There is now no other nut that comes close to the enjoyment I get from eating these walnuts.”
Vanessa Lahey, Nature & Nurture Media Pty Ltd, Qld

"2die4 nuts have enabled me to actually eat nuts once again and reap the health benefits from doing so. For a long time I wondered why I didn't enjoy nuts so much to the point that I stopped eating them. Only when I started enjoying them after 2die4 nuts came about did I truly understand that my body was telling metThat these nuts are far better for me for many different reasons. Also I feel I’m giving my children the very best start in life by giving it to them. The cells don't lie! Thank you all who are involved for bringing them to the world." - Vitoria Martins, Divinity in Flowers

Thank you guys for supplying us with your wonderful healthy product. Your nuts taste better than any others I have ever eaten and I have researched to discover the health benefits of your preparation methods. Great work and I hope more people discover 2die4 love foods .....Paul Margolin Temple

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